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FOX Business
Nov 19, 2013 12:00am EST
included. why are health care companies doing this? >> i think it is all centered around the medicare advantage program which has been very popular with medicare patients but has been very expensive from the government standpoint. i believe what is happening with the cutbacks in the advantage program, through the affordable care act cutbacks many companies take opportunity high utilizing doctors from their plan. melissa: let me stop you there because i want to know what that means. what is a high utilizing doctor? isn't everybody paid the same no matter if you're getting reimbursements on medicare advantage? >> on a medicare advantage the reward is fixed payment system to the insurance companies. and so what they have a doctor that utilizes more services, recommends for x-rays, more lab tests, more hospitalization, than another doctor for same given disease, that represents a loss to the insurance company. so i think what is happening is, they're looking at the utilization of their doctors and how they prescribe and how they order and they're eliminating those doctors which appear to
FOX Business
Nov 23, 2013 12:00am EST
exchanges, docrs will take home significantly less in reimbursements than private companies or even medicare. at 40 buck as visit, clearly this could have a impact on quality of your health care. joining us cato institute health care expert mike cannon. we have economist peter morici. mike, do these numbers surprise you? i mean i think that there was anticipation of a cut in costs but for typical office visit, private insurance would pay $60. if you'rehe obama exchange, those doctors could get 40. what is the impact of that? >> i don't know what the prices to be charged for any of these services and neither does anyone else but you'veeard about rate ock. this is where everyone sees, well, a lot of people see their premiums going up und obamacare. there will be this wave of trage over quality shocks. one of those is doc shock. the way they're trying to keep premiums from even higher is by squeezing payments to doctors and other providers, in these health plans, which is fine. i want health care prices to fall. that should be, as a result of consumers putting downward pressure on prices and, f
FOX Business
Nov 22, 2013 12:00am EST
: actually, that's me. don't give money to beggars like me. governments must spend more. >> medicare, medicaid, social security. john: this government really helps the poor. >> everybody in cleveland. >> by any measurement this is not working. john: i am glad more people figure that out. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty. john: even some in the mainstream media. >> if you're waiting for the government you're going to be in for an awful long way. john: if they get it may be seen more people will realize there are better ways to give. real charity. that is our sw tonight. ♪ >> and now. ♪ john: what is real charity? people are in trouble after a disaster or simply when people are poor. americans instead is to think amount and government help. after all, who will help those people is not government? libertarians argue that private charity would step in. individuals really choosing to help. but with enough of us up? most people say no. that is why liberals like newsday columnist say when it comes to helping the need, that is mostly government's j
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
out. >> you forgot the end of the story. over half of this law is paid for by cuts to medicare. hospitals are already laying off nurses. the care is being spread thinner. this plan, unfortunately, lowers the standard of care. that is why it is not what is going in your shopping cart. it puts government in charge of your care. it takes away something as precious as life itself, your liberty. john: what we libertarians want is more individual decisions. that means people pay for more of their health care of themselves. people don't want to do that. >> by the way, people will be paying for a lot of their health care themselves. take a look at the deductibles. $5,000 deductible and a bronze plan, and a $3,000 deductible in this over plan, for an individual. as deductibles are so high that young people are never going to get in a callback. john: zero copay, free birth control. >> check the details. it is not a good deal. john: thank you, betsy mccoy. if you would like to keep this conversation going, you can use that has stag to let people know what you think. coming up, something i
FOX Business
Nov 8, 2013 12:00am EST
ended only partially cleaned their blood. it is expensive, $30 billion of medicare and thousands of americans die waitingoping to get a kidney. otrs will visit sleazy doctors in amica hoodoo transplants illegally websites post ads for kidney america they go for about $120,000 but bececause it is a black market you cannot be sure if the offer is real or the surgery is safe. imagines and go to iran they threatened with a stone people horror th are the only country in the world that legalized organs selling. sigrid fry-revere went there to che it out a huge you liked what you saw? >> they have a waiting list for people to donate as opposed to those who cannot get a kidn. everyone who qualifies can get one. john: iran of all places? >> the only country. they have be doing it 25 years. john: you interview people there and what if this were illegal? they said i would kill for money to do it illegally. theris nothing wrong helping yourself and helping others. >> the sellers of thouout they bring doing a good deed. they do not think money is changing hands made it any less have valuable
FOX Business
Nov 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
that retirement. we're in excellent shape there. from the health care perspective, if we integrate medicare with our health care plans for post-65 retirees like any other company does we'll be fully paid. we'll be fully paid for both retirement funds and fully paid for retiree health benefits. best funding of any organization in the united states. we can get there with the legislation. melissa: 80% of your costs go to labor. do you have too many people and too many post offices? >> we reduced headcount in postal service 300,000 since the year 2000. 200,000 in the last five years. our people do a great job. think about it this way. it is not percentage of labor. just the size of cost pie. that is what we continue to reduce. >> i love the deal thaw made with amazon because it is thinking outside the box. a lot of people are saying, cutting the saturday delivery is kind of chinsy. that is cutting. this is new business. this is reverse contracting. this is fabulous. are there other folks you're looking to make the same kind of deal with? what about walmart? what about other people that are deli
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)